Advisory Services

India is amidst a major transformation process in regards to accounting and taxation reforms. While on the accounting front we are converging into a platform similar to IFRS i.e. IND-AS, on the Indirect Tax front there will be a sea change in the way business is done on account of introduction of GST. This constant evolution needs new strategies and new business solution keeping the legal framework in mind. We help our clients overcoming any barriers of growth with our financial and legal advisory consultancy.


  • Incorporation of Companies including drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Incorporation of LLP’s including drafting the Limited Liability partnership agreement
  • Secretarial services i.e. back office work for compliance with all requirements of Company law like filing documents with Registrar of Companies (ROC), maintaining statutory records etc. for Companies and LLP’s
  • Representation before Company law board/ NCLT/ROC.
  • Advisory services on all Company law matters.


  • Provide services related to Ideation to the clients in terms of business restructuring through Mergers, Demergers, Slump sale, Subsidiarsation etc.
  • Providing end to end services in relation to Amalgamations , Demergers etc. i.e. from ideation to appearing before the NCLT
  • Providing services in relation to due diligence of target Companies


  • We play a key role in valuing sell-outs, buy-outs and existing businesses by employing appropriate valuation basis/ methodologies on an assessment of legal, operational and financial aspects
  • Providing Valuation services of shares of a Company using generally acceptable valuation norms where shares are required to be transferred
  • Providing services of Valuing Intangibles
  • Valuation services in relation to working out exchange ratio in case of M&A activities
  • Valuation services as required in terms of Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)


Any inbound or outbound transactions are subject to FEMA provisions in India. We have a very rich experience in handling these matters for the clients in regards to compliance with RBI regulations and the FEMA provisions. We provide the following services in this relation:

  • Assistance in obtaining various approvals & licenses such as setting up of branch office, liaison office etc.
  • Assistance in providing valuations, certifications for complying with the outbound / inbound transactions.
  • Providing analysis that are essential and strategic in nature i.e. analysis of setting intermediate Holding Co’s (IHC), investing via debt or capital etc.


In India Tally accounting system is considered as the most popular accounting software. However, as one grows in size and volume, tally accounting module may not be feasible and one may have to consider to move on to other platforms such as Oracle, SAP etc.

Implementation of such ERP modules is a great challenge for any organization. In this regards we assist the Companies in adopting ERP’s and handhold them in the implementation phase. Our team members are having experience of Oracle and SAP which equips them to assist the Companies in the implementation phase.

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